About Us


Z Radio The Mix 

A non-profit internet radio station that playing a Mix of Christian music. Christian genres include contemporary, rock, rock classics, and praise and worship.

Target audience

24/7 throughout the day, we play a mix of genres with syndicated shows and live broadcasts. We have developed programming to engage a large audience of listeners.

  1. Teens ages 14-21 – Teen Christian Radio: We educate high school students in radio broadcasting, which includes an internship and employment opportunities after graduation.
  2. Young adults 21-35 – Christian music genres include alternative and rock.
  3. Older adults 35-70 – Christian music genres include adult contemporary and classic rock.

Teen Christian Radio & Internship

Bethesda Christian Church and Parkway Christian Schools 

has partnered with Z Radio The Mix Corporation to provide a comprehensive Christian Radio Training and Internship Program. This program provides high school students with hands-on experience in radio production and broadcasting. Our workshops further enhance students’ audio editing, radio production, scriptwriting, and voice skills.

High School Students 

Create a weekly radio show produced and hosted entirely by themselves. This show enables them to showcase their skills and creativity while receiving feedback from their peers and mentors. After students complete our training program, they are offered an internship and possible part time or full time employment.

Teen Christian Radio Training & Internship 

A valuable resource for teenagers interested in pursuing a career in radio production and broadcasting. They will develop valuable leadership, teamwork, and communication skills while learning to work together to create compelling content, engage their audience, and share their faith.

Christian Concert Series

Bethesda Christian Church has partnered with Z Radio The Mix Corporation to provide Christian Concerts. The sanctuary holds about 2700 seats and for our smaller more intimate concerts we have a 400 seat theatre.

Donations and Sponsorships 

help us achieve our mission